Name Positions Contact Number Hours E-mail
Tom Moholland 1st Selectman 207-726-9612 Evenings
John Stanhope 2nd Selectmen 207-454-0727 n/a n/a
Kevin Murray 3rd Selectmen 207-454-1269 n/a n/a
David Townsend Animal Control Officer 207-454-3220 Leave Message n/a
Jon Stanhope Ast. Fire Chief 207-454-0727 n/a n/a
Martha Brickett Clerk 207-454-3220 Leave Message
Jim Slowe Code Enforcement Officer 207-788-3877 n/a n/a
Tom Moholland E-911 Addressor 207-726-9612 Evenings
Robert Merrill Fire Chief 207-904-7625 n/a n/a
Eric Morrell Health Officer n/a n/a n/a
Tom Moholland Overseer of the Poor 207-726-9612 Evenings
Eric Morrell Planning Board Chair n/a n/a n/a
Chad Allen Planning Board Secretary 207-904-8649 n/a n/a
Terry Johnson Plumbing Inspector 207-454-8317 n/a n/a
Cathy Footer Registrar of Voters 207-454-3220 Leave Message  
Earle Stanhope Road Commissioner 207-454-3341 n/a n/a
James Trainorr School Board Chair n/a n/a n/a
Julie Murray School Board Member n/a n/a n/a
Dan Corbett School Board Member n/a n/a n/a
Ron Jenkins Supt. of Schools 207-454-7561 Days n/a
Tom Moholland Tax Assessor 207-726-9612 Evenings
Cathy Footer Tax Collector 207-454-3220 Leave Message  
Tom Moholland Town Manager 207-726-9612 Evenings
Cathy Footer Treasurer 207-454-3220 Leave Message